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Our Soldiers Need Our Help!

For some, the war isn’t over–even long after they’ve come home. As many as 2 out of every 10 of the soldiers who have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan over the last decade are still fighting against PTSD: they may experience flashbacks, nightmares, may feel threatened in any crowd, some constantly feel “keyed up” (hyperarousal) and can’t sleep, concentrate or focus. Many will steer away from loving relationships, out of fear of loss or a genuine lack of trust in others.

Re-Boot Camp®

Re-Boot Camp® is an exciting new treatment opportunity for veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: the camp takes place in beautiful Fairfield, Idaho at the base of Soldier Mountain. Lodging, food and snacks are provided for the veterans during their week-long intensive treatment program, using proven and evidenced-based methods. This service is provided  AT NO COST TO THEM and is completely supported by your donations.

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“I can’t thank the folks at Glanbia enough for supporting this program. My husband went through the PTSD program with IHT and it was the only thing that ever really helped him, and it is still helping him several years later! Seeing this continue for our vets brings me great joy for so many other families who have walked a mile in my shoes. Thank you for bringing light and hope back to their lives.”  – Mirinda Climer

Kicking Off Our Re-Boots

Kicking Off Our Re-Boots

While Johnny and I were putting Re-Boot Camp® together, we got A LOT of positive feedback (and help!) from friends and family. It occurs to me that all of you caring, wonderful people are probably int ...[Read More]

Thank You Glanbia!!

Thank You Glanbia!!

Glanbia Grants Local Nonprofit Funds to Help Struggling Soldiers “Re-Boot” TWIN FALLS,IDAHO- At its annual “Charity Challenge” event at the Blue Lakes Country Club on August 18, Glanbia Foods, Inc. an ...[Read More]

We are continually enrolling veterans for our upcoming camps!